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7th Grade Computer Applications:

Course Objectives:

bulletStudents will model appropriate, responsible use of personal computers.
bulletStudents will increase keyboarding efficiency.
bulletStudents will be able to pass the WESD 7-8 Technology Assessment.  The Technology assessment is based on the Arizona Educational Technology Standards (AZETS), which are, in turn, based on the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS).  There are six standards that contain grade level appropriate performance objectives that students will be assessed upon. 
bulletTo learn more about the National Educational Technology Standards click here.


Standard 1: Fundamental Operations and Concepts
Students understand the operations and functions of technology systems and are proficient in the use of technology.

Standard 2: Social, Ethical and Human Issues
Students understand the social, ethical and human issues related to using technology in their daily lives and demonstrate responsible use of technology systems, information and software.

Standard 3: Technology Productivity Tools
Students use technology tools to enhance learning, to increase productivity and creativity and to construct technology-enhanced models, prepare publications and produce other creative works

Standard 4: Technology Communications Tools
Building on productivity tools, students will collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts and other audiences using telecommunications and media.

Standard 5: Technology Research Tools
Students utilize technology-based research tools to locate and collect information pertinent to the task, as well as evaluate and analyze information from a variety of sources.

Standard 6: Technology as a Tool for Problem Solving and Decision-Making
Students use technology to make and support decisions in the process of solving real world problems.