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7th Grade Computer Applications



This website was created for the purpose of assisting my 7th grade Computer Applications classes at Mountain Sky Junior High.  Students who utilize this site will be able to:

bulletView the units covered in the class.
bulletView the objectives posted for those units.
bulletView important vocabulary terms associated with a particular unit.
bulletVisit other locations on the WWW that help students understand and achieve unit objectives..
bulletTake self-guided practice exams over the unit objectives.
bulletView unit assignments and point values.
bulletView their current class percentage, test scores, and check for missing assignments

Grades and scores will be updated in a timely fashion.  However, if there are any pressing concerns about a grade, or test score I can be reached at Mountain Sky by dialing 602-896-6146.  You can also email me by selecting the link below.











This site is NOT an official Mountain Sky website nor an official WESD website.